HKTV Talent Culture

Being an innovator and technology enabler, HKTV delicates to use technology to change or evolve the traditional landscape of various industries, including telecommunication, media and retailing. We are the only very few companies willing to devote tremendous resources in developing the online shopping business in the Hong Kong market, and hence we are now running the largest online shopping platform – HKTVmall in Hong Kong. We further commercialise our self-developed end-to-end eCommerce system under Shoalter Technology to facilitate the industry digitalization process. Embraced by this technology DNA, we invent our patented Fully Automated Retail Store under Shoalter Automation. This technology arm extends HKTV’s foothold to beyond Hong Kong.

Thus, in order to grow and sustain the Always Something New momentum at HKTV, we embrace people who are eager to learn and relish challenges. We name our employees as “Talents” holding the belief that they are the cornerstone of our business and future. With more than 2,000 full-time and part-time Talents, we have invested years in promoting a people-centric workplace to ensure our Talents feel safe, cared for and valued at work. This results in our commitment to create an inclusive, decent and fair environment in which our Talents can take pride in their work.

Moreover, we put a lot of thought and effort into nurturing our people; not only by creating an environment that makes work more pleasurable, but also by stimulating individual potential to grow own strength. At HKTV, we implement a conscientious working attitude to enjoy the fulfilment of producing good and positive works. We are also convinced that having fun can completely relieve stress, which will in turn activate the spirit so as to accomplish achievement both in personal career and company performance!